Door thickness is 2″X1″ Solid Flat Bar 2″X5″ and 2″6″ wide frame 12g. structural tube steel.
The weight of the doors will vary depending on the style and size.a 3’X8′ door weighs approximately 200-250 lbs. Standard glass frames are prepared to accommodate 5/8″ tempered, insulated glass units. Other sizes of glass can be adapted if specified at the time of order.

Our specs for standard hardware are 2 1/8″ boring, 2 3/8″ backseat, 5 1/2″ center to center. Exact measurements for other hardware sizes may be used, including most mortise locks, but must be specified at the time the door is ordered
Option of a standard handle/hardware such as Emtek or Baldwin or custom made handle pulls with a standard deadbolt and door knob.

The doors come as a pre-hung unit with a steel jam. the steel frame supports the weight of the door and allows ease at installation.The doors can be insulated upon request. We use high quality foam insulation that is injected into the framing and also into the body of the door.

Custom canes are used on double door units. The cane is the mechanism that locks the inactive leaf of a double door unit. One cane locks into the top of the door jam and another one at bottom the threshold/floor. A combination of foam and rubber weather stripping is used around the door frame, bottom sweep and glass sash to insure water and air seal.

Most residential Doors swing inward, If the doors are being used on a commercial building, they must swing out and have a self closing mechanism.Lever handles cannot be used on the inside of a double door as they interfere with the ability to open the independent glass panel Any of our designs can be made as a single or double door, gates, patio doors or wine cellar entries with simple modifications. We can also custom build new designs according to the needs of the client. We offer a 5 Limited warranty on materials and finish.